Music is building and Chelsea is back in the studio.  Moving into her growing style where the music and words are allowed to tell stories and bring to life the emotions and needs that lie below.  Sometimes writing as she records, the seemingly spontaneous energy allows new music to be shared in a way that is unlike any other artist.  Its taken a lifetime to live it and only moments to write it seems. 


Modelling and being a Brand Ambassador for numerous reputable makers and businesses is a dream come true for Chelsea.  Contributing to the success of others and having the honor of representing their dreams and hard work is not something she takes lightly.  Through being the face and image for upcoming projects, Chelsea hopes to share not only a healthy, fresh connection with others but also a solid representation of hope and integrity for women.


Collaborations are a project based way to rocket launch the success of a product or idea as they fuel the entrepreneurial spirit.  Chelsea values the potential of growth for quality products and services and enjoys being a part of turning good ideas into strategic successes.   By providing customers, clients and buyers with quality solutions,  together we can turn your good idea into a celebrated win!